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Paul P. Keshvari
Paul has over twenty years of experience in data processing. His experience spans to health care, oil and gas, federal government, civil engineering, telecommunication, and a number of other industries. He has served as technical project leader for many clients with outstanding results. His in depth understanding of database design, physical implementations, teamwork, and project management makes him a driving force for this company. He is very people oriented with detailed attention to results.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from University of Central Florida
  • DB2 Family Fundamentals (IBM)
  • DB2 SQL Workshop (IBM)
  • DB2 Advanced SQL Workshop (IBM)
  • DB2 for OS/390 Database Administration Workshop (IBM)
  • DB2 UDB for OS/390 DBA for Experienced DBAs (IBM)
  • DB2 for OS/390 System Administration (IBM)
  • DB2 for OS/390 System Recovery Workshop (IBM)
  • DB2 for OS/390 System Performance and Tuning (IBM)
  • DB2 Connect DRDA Implementation with SNA and TCP/IP (IBM)
  • Java Programming (IBM)
  • Java Programming Using VisualAge for Java (IBM)
  • Developing Server Side Applications Using VisualAge for Java (IBM)
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Development and Studio (IBM)
  • TCP/IP Architecture (IBM)
  • Application Framework for e-business: Technology Workshop (IBM)
  • Model 204 DBMS Problem Determinations and Resolution (CCA)
  • Model 204 DBMS Recovery and Integrity (CCA)
  • Model 204 DBMS System Manager (CCA)
  • Model 204 DBMS File Manager (CCA)
  • Model 204 DBMS User Language (CCA)
  • Model 204 DBMS Implementing Online Applications (CCA)
  • Advanced DBASE (AT&T Information Systems)
  • MVS/XA Debugging (AT&T Information Systems)
  • TSO CLISTS (AT&T Information Systems)
  • Advanced JCL (AT&T Information Systems)
  • TSO/SPF (AT&T Information Systems)
  • IMS/VS Overview (AT&T Information Systems)
  • UNIX for Programmers (AT&T Information Systems)
  • Delphi Programming (Ensemble Corporation)
  • Self trained on HTML
  • Supervising People of Information Technology (AT&T Information Systems)
  • Managing Technical Projects within budget (AT&T Information Systems)
  • Microsoft ACCESS, and EXCEL, and Office (ExecuTrain of Texas)

Flavio Lima


  • Operating Systems:
    • MVS/SP, XA, ESA, OS/390, OS/2, WINDOWS 95.
    • Network Operating Systems:
  • Databases:
    • DB2, DB2/2 and ORACLE.
  • Transaction Monitor:
    • CICS/MVS and CICS/ESA.
  • Languages:
    • Cobol II, COBOL 370, Assembler, JCL, Clist, Rexx.
  • Security Software:
    • RACF and ACF2.
  • Miscellaneous Software:
    • SAP,HCD, JES2, SMPE, TSO/ISPF, Dfsort, Syncsort, Omegamon, DB2
    • Utilities (DSNUTILB, CHECK, LOAD, EXPLAIN, RUNSTAT, etc), several
    • OEM products from Candle, BMC, Platinum, STROBE, MICS, CA, etc
  • Published articles

Jean Burgard

Her experience includes Systems Analysis, Organizational Planning, Business Process Re-engineering, and Enterprise Modeling. Skills include meeting facilitation, information gathering and analysis, writing and editing, project planning, and staff management. Self-motivated, well-organized, and results-driven individual with proven ability to meet or exceed goals with efficiency and integrity.

For more information about Jean see Commsolv, Inc.

What Sets Us Apart

Whether you need to improve your Mainframe Application, Intranet, design a web site, or migrate to new database software, KEI Consulting can help. We are specialize in making applications in various operating environments (OS/390, MVS, AIX, NT, Windows, and more) work for all types of businesses.

Our consultants have extensive practical experience with systems design, networking, database implementation and operating systems. In addition, our expert trainers can help you and your employees use your IT resources in the most effective manner.

Client Service

KEI Consulting will work with you to define your needs, narrow the scope of your project, and propose a consulting engagement. All proposals are in writing. Consulting services are available on an hourly fee basis.

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