The capabilities of our principal consultants combine experience in oil and gas industries, federal government, health care, academia, engineering, and non-profit organizations. We would like to be your one stop total IT solution provider. With partnership with a few reputable local and national vendors with excellent credentials, KEI can now provide you with complete data hardware (PCs, Servers, Routers, Wireless Equipment, etc.) and voice solutions (soft switched voice over IP, T1, LAN, WAN, and VPN).

Mainframe Services
Non-Mainframe Services
  • Model 204 DBMS Database Administrations,
  • User Language Programming,Subsystem Design
  • DB2 for OS/390 Data Sharing Recovery / Restart
  • DB2 for OS/390 Data Sharing Implementation
  • DB2 Connect DRDA Implementation with SNA and TCP/IP
  • DB2 for OS/390 System Performance and Tuning
  • DB2 for OS/390 System Recovery
  • DB2 for OS/390 System Administration
  • DB2 UDB for OS/390 Database Administration
  • DB2 for OS/390 Database Administration
  • DB2 SQL + Java Programming
  • Office Voice and Data Layout Architecture
  • Hardware Solutions
  • LAN / WAN/VPN Solutions
  • Software Installation
  • Windows OS Installation and Support
  • Internet related setup
  • Web Site Design, and Hosting
  • Ongoing network and software support
  • Unix Implementation and Support
  • Oracle, SQLServer Database Administrations
  • C++, C, Java, ASP, .NET, Database, Motif, AJAX, and WEB Consulting Services

General Services

        • Database Design and Administration
        • Database Physical Implementation
        • Database Optimization
        • Internet / Intranet solutions
        • Static and Dynamic Web Designs
        • Server Side Programming
        • System Support
        • Programming
        • Operating System Support
        • DASD Management
        • Data Dictionary
        • Documentation Standards
        • Operational Procedures
        • User Guides
        • Software Testing, Analysis, and Documentation
        • Course Development / Stand-up Training
        • Instructional Design
        • Project Administration
        • Facilitation


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